The Evolution and Revamp of the Horror Genre: The 2013 Remake of ‘Evil Dead’

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Source: Evil Dead (2013)

Act 1: Introduction

The horror genre has terrified and fascinated audiences and especially me for decades. As time has passed, horror movies have evolved and pushed boundaries to explore new, even more frightening themes.

This was the right time to write about this movie and appreciate it because I just watched Lee Cronin’s Evil Dead Rise which is also great but I still feel Evil Dead (2013) is a significantly better “film”.

In my opinion, none have done so quite like the 2013 remake of Evil Dead. Directed by Fede Alvarez, this movie is a horror masterpiece that completely revamped the genre and set new standards for what a horror film can achieve.

Act 2: The Revamp

Source: Evil Dead (IMDb)

The Evil Dead franchise originally began in 1981, directed by Sam Raimi. The original movie was praised for its unique blend of comedy and horror, but as the franchise continued, it became increasingly focused on the humor aspect.

However, the 2013 remake took a different approach. The movie was darker, grittier, and more brutal than its predecessors. It abandoned the humor and campiness of the original and instead focused on delivering genuine scares and horrifying imagery.

One of the biggest ways that Evil Dead revamped the horror genre was through its use of practical effects. Rather than relying on CGI, the movie utilized old-school techniques to create its gruesome visuals.

This gave the movie a raw and visceral feel that was lacking in many modern horror films. Additionally, the movie played with audience expectations, using misdirection and unexpected plot twists to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Act 3: Philosophies

Aside from its technical achievements, Evil Dead also incorporated philosophical themes into its story. One of the most prominent themes was the idea of sacrifice.



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