I Spent 1020+ Hours in These Courses to Become a Better DevOps Engineer

No bullshit, straightforward path with extra speed.

Neil Shah
3 min readJan 11, 2024
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In 2020 I graduated in Computer Science with a B.tech degree. When my final exams were near, I decided not to sit in the placements and prepare for IELTS and go abroad for my master's.

Why abroad?

Two answers, In the US, Canada, and the UK DevOps Engineers get a better pay scale compared to India. Second, all my friends were going so I also decided the follow the herd mentality.

I cleared IELTS, USA was out of budget, so I chose London because I will get 2+3 years of visa and 1 year of masters.

Applied, got accepted, and paid fees.

Covid happened, and all dreams were down in the gutter.

I don’t regret my decision not to go now, because in 2020 things were so uncertain, and the UK’s political situation was also not stable.

I started learning DevOps at home for 3 months I completed online courses and did some freelance work.

Later landed a job as a DevOps Engineer and worked there relentlessly for 2.5 years. Learned a lot and also delivered an equal amount of work to the company.



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