I earned $1,044 from 56,100 Views, But Now Medium Has Changed

I hate Medium for this particular thing…

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Medium is probably the best way you can start your side hustle as a writer in the public domain.

Building a website from scratch using WordPress, Webflow or any tool will take a lot of your time, research, trials, and patience. But on Medium write and publish, it is just that simple.

You only need to focus on your piece, title, and a good thumbnail.

I started my journey 2 years back and I can say I have managed to earn a decent amount of money as I am not a regular or a full-time writer. I write sometimes and publish 30–40 articles a year.

As said in my title, I have earned my first $1000 from 7 articles and they collectively gained over 50k views.

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From May 2023, I have seen some major shifts in the Medium algorithm and the type of content that has been pushed and appeared on the feed.

I have many friends writing amazing articles on Medium but they earn pennies and people writing just templated earnings and mostly fake earning articles with templated same advice having 1000+ claps and earnings of $400+ per month.

I am confused because I have lost faith in this algorithm and have just accepted that you cannot earn writing good content here, you can only earn writing viral and clickbait articles.

Here are two of the most content-driven articles yet they hardly earned $10 in the last 1 year.

Do you think having this kind of title in this article will prove my point? Let's find out and see.

Thanks for reading and I am open to having comments on what you guys think.



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