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Neil Shah
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Since the announcement by Tony Stubblebine, there has been a delay after the delay as the Medium team might be facing some issues related to the Stripe payment gateway.

Indian laws and their banking system are not as common as Western countries and I can firmly say the Indian system might be the best compared to top Western countries because it protects the user first.

For instance, I don’t think in the US or EU people are required to fill in an OTP when making any purchase, auto-debit is also very common and even their interest rates are very low.

While in India, you always need an OTP to confirm your transaction, merchants cannot keep your card details unless the user authorizes, merchants cannot auto-debit every month, users should authorize requested mandate to enable auto-debit and many more things like this make Indian banking better than the rest.

Coming to Medium Partner Program . . .

The Medium Partner Program is a platform created by that allows writers to earn money from their content through a paid subscription system.

While the program itself is not specific to Indian writers, it can certainly benefit writers from India, as well as writers from around the world, in several ways:

Monetization: Indian writers, like writers from other countries, can monetize their writing through the Medium Partner Program.

Writers are paid based on how many Medium subscribers engage with their content. This can provide a steady source of income for those who produce high-quality, engaging articles.

Being on this platform for two years I can say, that an extra income of $100–300 for an average Indian is more than enough.

Community and Networking: Medium has a thriving community of writers, including many from India.

Writers can engage with this community, collaborate on projects, and learn from each other’s experiences. Building relationships with fellow writers can be valuable for personal and professional growth.

Payment in Local Currency: Medium typically pays its writers in USD, which can be advantageous for Indian…



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