DevOps Courses To Upskill Yourself

These investments are more worthy than a university degree

Neil Shah
3 min readAug 3, 2022


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We all have wasted thousands and dollars on a university degree that never guaranteed us a high-paying job unless and until we are from an ivy league.

But Ivy League is just less few percent of people who get a chance to study in those universities, the rest of the crowd is still looking for a job and struggling after getting a degree.

Times have changed now.

With an investment of a few hundred bucks, you can upskill yourself with some brilliant courses online and can definitely land you a dream job.

Coming to myself, I have completed my B. Tech in CSE from a Tier 2 University and I feel I have totally wasted my 4 precious years because when I started my career as a DevOps Engineer.

I have learned all the things from Google and online courses and now it has been over two years of great learning which I feel is much more effective and enlightening than studying for four years at a university.

Here are some of the best courses for DevOps Engineer paths that you can pursue to stay relevant with the latest tools and technologies coming into the market.


A great platform for everyone who wants to learn Kubernetes and wanted to crack Kubernetes certifications.

I personally have pursued this course and hands-on labs that have helped me to crack CKA in less than 10 days.

A platform suitable for all sorts of engineers from the software field because it has courses and labs for each and every aspect.

You can create your personalized plans as well on the platform as well. Here are some of the popular courses which I believe are very worthy nowadays.

  • Perl
  • React
  • Rust



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