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You should think more than you read and you should read more than you write. | Buy Medium Membership Here →

Read on to know what worked for me and what did not!

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It took 70+ articles and a lot of trial and error which bumped my earning this much in a short span of time.

The last year, I have been experimenting with my writing skills just after I thought about giving my IELTS exam for foreign studies.

The plan was to…

It may sound foolish but it’s true

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If you are reading this first line, then I’ll beg you to read this till the last line. Because it’ll help me as well the algorithm to boost this article into other reader’s feeds.

They will also benefit from this same you are getting now. Be generous.

You wanna earn…

Hey you! Get ready to make some money

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This is going to be massive and revolutionary at the same time because Quora is coming in to compete with many paywalled-based websites.

By launching its Quora+ Membership!

Earlier in early 2019, I was invited to Quora Partner Program which is paying me well in my opinion. …

Open-Source is future

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Development + Operations = DevOps. If you are familiar with this term and reading this article then I can assume you are or a wannabe DevOps Engineer.

These tools are the industry standards and are the foundations that will make your things more fast, agile, and automated.

Note: This Article…

I am not a full-time writer

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I am feeling shocked and proud at the same time while writing this because I have earned over 60K from Medium.

Writing on Medium was not a side hustle for me when I started out but now I can say it can be and I can scale it even more…

A better way to keep your audience on the edge

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When I see new writers coming on this platform nowadays and try to write on topics such as how to scale on Medium and some random tips and tricks to earn your first dollar.

I feel sad.

Tbh, I am really annoyed by these types of articles and try not…

An intimate relationship with YAML.

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What are Gitlab Runners?

GitLab Runner is an application that works with GitLab CI/CD to run jobs in a pipeline. They can also run inside a Docker container or be deployed into a Kubernetes cluster.

Types of Runners:

  • Shared Runner: These types of runners are available globally and can automatically be allocated based on…

Cut the BS! You only need to focus on one single thing

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It's like finding a perfect show or a movie from the wide and confusing range on Netflix. I often get tired and at last, I chose to sleep instead of watching.

This is the same process of new writers who joined here on Medium, they are always looking for articles…

You only need 6 months and inner-fire to achieve this

A cloud engineer looking for which cloud service to choose from
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As you are reading this, I consider you all very lucky and grateful because at my time there was nothing sort of information available on the internet.

I had paved my way and put my back into it to achieve my dream goal. Just like Bo Burnham’s Bezos I song.

Answer: Nicolas Cole

Author’s Medium Stats

To measure my success, earnings and followers count are the only two things that can convince the audience.

I have been writing on this platform since last year but mostly for learning purposes. Earlier I was not so focused on the earnings part.

But later on, when I started exploring…


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