5 Free Mind-Blowing Open-Source DevOps Tools Every Engineer Should Know!

Unveiling the Hidden Arsenal

Neil Shah
3 min readMay 19


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DevOps engineers play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth deployment and operation of software applications.

To streamline their workflows and enhance productivity, it’s important for DevOps professionals to have access to the right tools.

In this article, we will explore five lesser-known yet incredibly powerful open-source tools that can empower DevOps engineers in their daily tasks.

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Kapitan 🧰

Website: https://kapitan.dev/

Kapitan is a dynamic infrastructure-as-code tool that enables DevOps teams to efficiently manage complex deployments. With its simple, reusable YAML-based template language, Kapitan allows you to describe infrastructure and application configurations.

This tool is particularly useful for managing large-scale deployments, providing an intuitive way to define, provision, and update infrastructure components.

Prow 🤖

Website: https://github.com/kubernetes/test-infra/tree/master/prow

Prow is a flexible and scalable CI/CD system specifically designed for Kubernetes. It acts as an automated and extensible…



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